9-22-03 Latest News

Middle-earth Ball in Sunnyvale, CA
Xoanon @ 1:12 pm EST

Deborah writes:

Here is some information on a Middle Earth Ball in Sunnyvale on 10/31. We'll be doing design sets, and hope most will appear in LOTR costume (although any costume will be admired, not required). We can send you details shortly.

We do have a website: www.swdance.com where further details would be located.

Some details:

Date: 10/31
What: Middle Earth Ball (or you can dress as your favorite witch, ghoul, whatever)
Time: 8:00 Beginning/intermediate lesson Salsa
9:00 Ballroom dance party begins
Where: Sunnyvale Community Center, Sunnyvale California
Entry fee: $15
Includes: Lesson, dance party, refreshments (drinks & light snacks...may even offer Frodo's scones, Gimli's seed cakes & Smaug's gems), hall decorated as Middle Earth
Further details: see www.swdance.com