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LA Baggins Birthday Celebration Update
Arwen @ 12:10 pm EST

LA Baggins Birthday celebration update

We hope to be joined by many Ringers on Sunday September 21st as we celebrate Bilbo and Frodo's Birthday. Here's all of the information you need. First of all, there's been a change of venues. The picnic will not take place at the Hollywood Camrose park as originally announced, but in Griffith Park at the Cedar Tree Picnic Grounds.

Time: 11am to 6pm (or until the Shadow comes)


From the South: Take the 5 North to the Griffith Park Exit.
Follow the exit ramp to the stop sign, and turn right onto Crystal Springs Dr.

From the North: Take the 5 South to Los Feliz Blvd. West.
Take Los Feliz Blvd. to the intersection with Riverside Dr. Make a right. Riverside Dr. will turn into Crystal Springs Dr. as you enter Griffith Park.

From LA Proper: Take Western Ave. North toward Hollywood Hills.
Western Ave. will turn into Los Feliz Blvd. Take Los Feliz Blvd. to the intersection with Riverside Dr. Make a left. Riverside Dr. will turn into Crystal Springs Dr. as you enter Griffith Park.

On Crystal Springs Dr.
Take the road through the park. You will pass the Visitors' Center and a bunch of other structures on your right.
At the first stop sign, there will be a big sign for the MERRY-GO-ROUND. Follow the sign and make a left at that intersection. The party will be on the left in the Cedar Tree Picnic Grounds. Just look for the Rohan Tent.


You can park anywhere along the street. If there's nowhere to park on the street, simply follow the street a little further up, and you will find the Merry-Go-Round parking lot. There is plenty of parking there. If you feel that your car is too far from the picnic area, and you can't carry all of your stuff, simply come over and ask some of the strapping young men to assist you.

If you get lost or attacked by Black Riders or end up on the slopes of Mount Doom, please call Sarumann (don't fear: our own Saruman is much nicer than his infamous namesake!) at 213-248-4994 and he'll guide you through the mists.

Here's a call to all hobbits, elves and men (and orcs too if they promise to behave): hobbits being famous for their appetite, we need a lot of food and drinks. Please contact Arwen at arwen@theonering.net to let her know what you will be bringing.

Apart from the eating and drinking (always so important!) we will have a costume contest so feel free to come dressed in your fanciest attire. We will also have a trivia contest, and since it was such great fun last year, an impersonation contest. The rules: pick your favorite character or your favorite line, and act out your best impersonation - the selected line must be either from Fellowship of The Ring Extended Edition, or from The Two Towers. Your efforts will be rewarded with great prizes!

We hope to have covered everything, but if you have any questions please contact Arwen at the above email address and she'll do her best to answer them.