9-01-03 Latest News

New Zealand RotK Charity Shows
Tookish @ 1:01 pm EST

From Ringer Katie via her source at the NZ Embassy:

Hello to everyone who has requested info on ticket sales for Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and Thank You for your patience.

I can now advise you that advance sales for the first week of 18 December through to 24 December are available through the Lions Club of Silverstream as charity fundraisers for Ronald MacDonald House; The Embassy Theatre Trust & The Life Flight Trust. The session times at present are only an approximate given that the film hasnít been completed as yet and so the full running time is still to be confirmed, but we are expecting it to be very similar in length to the first two films.

Tickets are $30 each...

On the 18th December there are tickets available for 12.01am and 9.45am. On the 19th there seats available at 6am, 9.45, & 1.30pm. from the 20th on there are seats available all day.

To all those interested in information on the events around the premiere on the 1st December, the Wellington City Council is responsible for the street events...