8-26-03 Latest News

Towers Celebrates TreePeople
Xoanon @ 6:52 pm EST

New Line Home Entertainment unveiled the new DVD edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers at a celebrity event in Los Angeles' Franklin Canyon Park on Aug. 25, benefitting the nonprofit TreePeople environmental charity.

During the event, the nonprofit education and advocacy group received a donation of seedlings from celebrities that included Lorenzo Lamas, Thora Birch, Giovanni Ribisi and others in the company of actors dressed like the treelike Ents from the movie.

Invited guests were also treated to a screening of the DVD, including a preview of footage from the upcoming third Lord of the Rings film, The Return of the King. The DVD goes on sale Aug. 26. The Return of the King opens Dec. 17.

TreePeople is a 30-year-old environmental education and advocacy organization. Its mission is to inspire the people of Los Angeles to take personal responsibility for the urban forest.