8-25-03 Latest News

Geeking Out on TTT and Surviving ‘Till Morning
Xoanon @ 2:38 pm EST

Xoanon here, So you’re planning to get the TTT DVD tonight at midnight? Are you prepared for the long wait? Are you ready to stay up REALLY late tonight watching the whole DVD and all the special features? If not then follow this easy-to-use guide called ‘Geeking Out on TTT and Surviving ‘Till Morning’.

Last fall I was a special invited guest to New Line Cinema’s offices to watch the Extended Edition version of ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’. The film itself was over 3 hours long we then proceeded to watch supplementary DVD’s with all the extras, another 4 or 5 hours, I was one of the few who survived. How did I do this? The boy-scout training I received as I child paid off…I was prepared.

A ton of you are planning on invading your local video stores at Midnight and picking up your own copy of TTT. Midnight can be a long wait in line, are you ready to handle it?

Here are a few essential items to bring with you:

So, you have everything you need. The clock strikes twelve, it is officially August 26th and the doors to the video store open! You are about to get your very own copy of TTT! Are you getting a little nervous? Here are a few tips to help you out.

You’ve made your purchase…you are out the door and back home in record time.

It is now 12:15 in the morning, usually an un-godly hour because you have school and/or work the next day. But tonight you have the TTT DVD…the night is just getting STARTED!

You slip that DVD into your player and sit down to watch it in all it’s glory…but are you prepared to stay up this late? Ask yourself these questions!

So…a few hours later and you’ve seen everything there is to see on the TTT DVD and then some. It is almost 5 am and you need to be up in about an hour. What do you do now? Here are some tips for a VERY hard morning.

I hope this guide helps you out in all your geeky quests.