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Embassy Theatre Refurbishment Needs Your Help!
Xoanon @ 10:52 am EST

Embassy Theatre Refurbishment Images

frodo's girl writes: Since I walk by the Embassy Theatre everyday, I thought y'all might be interested in a few pics of how the refurbishment is going, and I thought I'd put in a plea for the Embassy Trust.

They are still short of money to complete the refurbishments, so if any of you want to be part of lotr history *and* get your name on a seat that Elijah Wood or Ian McKellen might sit in at the world premier of LoTR:RoTK please contact the Embassy Trust at embassytheatretrust@actrix.co.nz. The prices to buy a seat are in NZD, so for many of you the cost is less. But heck, if that is more money than you have lying around, get a group together. whatever it takes to help PJ and Wellington reach the dream of the world premier.

As to what I can see of the refurb so far, they have cut a huge hole in the side of the theatre, I assume this is all earthquake fitting that they are installing under the seat risers. that last picture is one I took on a sunday after the workers were gone - those columns you see in the top right are part of the upstairs' lobby and the hole in front of them was the snack bar, yikes! I can't wait to see the finished product (which i will get to do before the general public because, yes, I am an Embassy Theatre Trust member.