7-16-03 Latest News

Hidalgo Speculation
Xoanon @ 11:21 am EST

After the news broke that Viggo Mortensen's 'Hidalgo' has been pushed back 6 months, fans have been speculating as to the reason why. Here is a rather informative and logical look at the situation. Thanks to Kathleen

Some movie premieres are pushed back simply because the film is a big stinker, but I can't imagine this is the case with "Hidalgo." I think it's likely that Disney moved it for strategic marketing reasons.

Imagine the potential box office for "Hidalgo" in October--BEFORE the Two Towers Extended Edition comes out--versus March, 2004, AFTER ROTK has premiered, out-earned FOTR and TTT, earned New Line a slew of Oscar nominations, and then won the Oscar for Best Picture, etc.?

I think it's a brilliant move. In March of 2004, Viggo Mortensen will be a bona-fide world-class movie star, far beyond the so-called sci-fi/fantasy "fringe." What better time to premiere another Viggo "product?"

If the premiere has been moved for some other reason (something related to post-production problems, etc.) I have to congratulate Disney for their good luck. I think they'll make a heck of a lot more money releasing this film in March than they would have in October.

As a fan, I'm disappointed that I have to wait, but we LOTR fans have learned to be patient. :-)