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Red Carpet NZ Report and Photos
Xoanon @ 9:20 pm EST

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Cindy from Tennessee writes:

To anyone who has a chance to go on Red Carpet TOur's Return of the King Tour in December, go! We just returned from a fantastic trip! You can see many sites used in TTT as well as FOTR, such as the Rohan village lake, war rock, where Pippin dropped his elven brooch, the orc mound, and where Gandalf whistled for Shadowfax. We took a helicopter flight with Alfie Speight, who flew Peter Jackson and Andrew Lesnie, flying over peaks used for the opening sequence of TTT and the peak on which Gandalf battled the balrog and threw him down. We went 4-wheeling with an Uruk Hai extra (you won't believe which one he was!). Ate at the Redcliffe Cafe - I sat in Frodo's seat! You'll love the beauty of New Zealand, so sign up soon as spaces are going fast!

We are HUGE fans of TORN! THanks for all you do for ringers all over the world!

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