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Jedicon Report and Images
Xoanon @ 1:48 pm EST

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Shelob writes:


Four major Brazilian Tolkien Communities joined forces to honor our Friends of the Jedi Council, participating of a huge event in São Paulo, Brazil, last weekend. The 4th Jedicon was lauched by Star Wars fans, but invited all fans of Sci Fi and Fantasy. The result was the collision of many Universes – fortunately, nothing dangerous happened, and one could find Elves walking with Stormtroopers, Harry Potter talking to Princess Leia, and the Enterprise crew contacting Hobbits. The Brazilian Tolkiendili communities involved were: the White Council (Conselho Branco), Na Toca do Hobbit, Valinor and Heren Hyarmeno. All stayed together to help trekkies, excers, pottermaniacs, jedi masters and everyone else, from each alternate universe, to get a glimpse of Middle Earth. There was a Super Tolkien Quiz, disputed by Elves, Humans, Ents and Nazgul. Surprisingly, the winner was the Morgul Team... More information and pictures may be found in www.conselhosp.com.br.

Namárië! And may the Force be with you.

Rosana "Shelob" Rios

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