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ROTK Footage Report!
leo @ 5:49 pm EST

Ringer Spy Imrahil's Babe emailed us with a report of some footage for The Return of the King she saw in New York City! Apparently New Line showed something that sounds like a trailer at a licensing show there. The report contains some minor spoilers!

The New Line Cinema booth at the Licensing show in NYC was showing some footage from the Return of the King! The room was very loud so I couldn't hear exactly what they were saying, but it opened with the New Line logo and then Eowyn, standing still and looking brave. Galadriel was doing a voiceover but I couldn't hear what she was saying due to room ambiance. Then it cut to shots of the main players, including one of Faramir standing in front of a statue of a man on a horse -- probably Osgilliath but maybe Minas Tirith. Then a long tracking shot over a plain towards a hill -- Mindolluin?? -- then a tremendous shot of Gandalf with Pippin on Shadowfax galloping through the trees.

Other scenes: LOTS of ground combat from the Pelennor Fields, probably, very up close shots. Also fireballs landing among men. Eomer in a different helmet than we have seen him before giving a war cry; Gondor soldiers soing into battle; Frodo and Sam looking apprehensive; Gandalf looking down from the battlements of Minas Tirith at something he doesn't like the looks of...that's all I can remember! Oh yeah a few shots of Aragorn looking brave and Legolas drawing his bow that I think we've seen before. Also Gandalf wading into battle with drawn sword -- very exciting!

All in all the screen lighting was far from ideal, so the footage looked a bit washed out. However, a crowd would gather everytime they showed it. I watched it three times myself.

If anyone else was there who might have a better idea as to what was said in the footage for instance: we'd love to hear!