4-30-03 Latest News

'Frodo' The Flour Child
Xoanon @ 10:00 am EST

Jeff L writes: I hate to admit it, but I was watching the John Ritter show '8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter' on ABC this evening and to my surprise Frodo was mentioned a few different times. As odd as it seems, the older daughter character on the show has a health class assignment in which she has to take care of a sack of flour for a week (the baby assignment).

The younger brother nicknames the sack 'Frodo,' and his name is mentioned a few times throughout the episode. At one point, the most comical I thought, was when the younger brother admitted to stealing flour from the sack to make cookies, and then said "Remember, Frodo gave of himself so that others could live." Just thought I'd send this along! Great site, see ya!