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The LOTR & Daniel Beddingfield Connection
leo @ 6:46 pm EST

Jennifer writes: Hello there! My name is Jennifer. I just thought you might be interested in this little thing I found in Daniel Bedingfield's thank yous [on his album I presume -leo]. I started laughing when I recognized his format and thought it might be a nice piece of info for the site. It's always nice to see LOTR used by other artists.

"Daniel's thanks:
My dear people. My dear Bedingfields and Blanchards, and my dear Huggin's and Leatherbarrows, and Klopfensteins, and Lingars, and Gurtners, and Tompsons, Sparks's, Cox's, Hermos, Wades, Cummings's, Wilsons, Harts, Govinds, and Skeits. "Skeitses!" shouted and elderly gentleman from the back of the pavilion. Skeits. .... "

Daniel is from the UK and is really moving up here in the US with two major hit songs. "Gotta get thru this" and "If you're not the one" I definately reccomend his album. Hope you find this entertaining. :)