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LOTR Loeses SAG Award To 'Chicago'

Radio Watch: Chris Lee On BBC3

Media Watch: PK Sci-Fi Webzine

Brad Dourif & Chris Lee At Londonexpo.com

GAMING: Last Alliance Celebrates Growth

The Ring Goes Ever On: 2005

Monaghan's 'Nightmare' Playing In Pleasantville

Playing for a living

Harvey Mudd College Goes Geek

ExtremeTech.com: Digitising Middle-earth

Star Wars is better than....No wait, LOTR is.....

Jaunt to PJ's Country Mansion

Viggo Mortensen News

The Unusual Career of Ngila Dickson

Intrepid Journeys

Calling Kiwi Craig Parker Fans

Towers Extended Edition News

SLU's Mortensen Appearance Report