2-26-03 Latest News

ROTK Footage on Belgian Televison!
leo @ 10:25 am EST

Jeroen heard of a glimpse of some LOTR-footage being shown on the Belgian television channel Canal+, presumably part of the new The Return of the King-trailer! Here's what it featured! Minor Tiny Spoilers

A friend of mine saw what looks like a piece of ROTK trailer this thuesday on Canal +, the Belgian one. It contains:

- Merry bowing for Théoden
- A massive army of Orcs rushing towards white city (Minas Tirith or Osgiliath)
- Gimli and the rest of the band in the paths of the dead
- The back of Denethor
- Frodo holding the light with Shelob's eyes in the background.

It wasn't long approximatly 1 minute or less.

I don't know how much of this is true, but if there are any other people around who saw this and know some more about it: let us know!