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Hall of Fire Chats this Weekend
Demosthenes @ 5:13 am EST

This weekend in Hall of Fire, we take the opportunity to examine the quality and effectiveness of the CG character creations of the Two Towers.

CGI in the Two Towers

Did CG creations such as Gollum, the wargs, the oliphaunts, Treebeard, and the Nazgul's flying beast alter the visual texture of the film? Did they throw you out of the film at any stage? Did the greater number of CG characters demand more of an effort from the viewer to suspend disbelief and believe that this was a real world long ago, not merely a film? Which CG characters were outstanding and which were merely ordinary? And, finally, was there too much emphasis on "cool CGI", making Towers less grounded in reality than Fellowship, and more of a sf/fantasy?

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