1-30-03 Latest News

Richard Taylor Talks Uruk 'Genes'
Xoanon @ 3:49 pm EST

Christopher writes: The January issue of Post has a 2 page interview with Richard Taylor. Not much new here but there is one interesting quote regarding the Uruk-Hai-

"They're just built to kill and they never retreat; hence they had no armor on their backs since Saruman never imagined they'd turn and flee. But, like so many genetic frailties of our own time, as we follow the Uruk-Hai through film three, we'll appreciate that, as Ridley Scott called it so beautifully, they have "accelerated decrepitude." They begin to break down quickly and Saruman hasn't actually quite got his alchemy right. We wanted to build an analogy to the frailties of playing with sciencde in our own world."

I don't recall this from the books but it is an interesting addition. That may also explain the peculiar look of the Uruk shot in the ROTK calender. I just assumed the Uruks were finished and we wouldn't see them much in ROTK. I was puzzled by the shot from the calender. Looks like there is more story for Saruman and the Uruks to come...