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Bjork Talks TTT's 'Gollum Song'
Xoanon @ 12:26 pm EST

Lady Druadan writes: Bjork posted this on January 16th concerning the Gollum song played at the end of The Two Towers.

From the message board (4UM) at www.bjork.com:

"i was asked to write the song a month before thew birth of my daughter , when i turned it down because i was too pregnant they said fair enough and got another writer then approached me again said they had a song and lyric in my style , they understood i didn´t have time to write it but if i could sing it , i thought it was a little noughty but asked them to send me the notes and the lyrics since i was curious what is "my style" then had to tell them it was 3 days until my baby was due and i couldn´t focus on anything else they then said they were going to ask "björk-kinda singers" and told me they got 3 singers, they didn´t tell me the names but say A,B and C .

then after the birth they said they weren´t happy with the results and asked me please if i could save them , they could put the deadline back to october 30th (my baby was born on the 3rd) i told them my baby was priority and i was told they went back and chose one of the A or B or C . i then later found out it was emiliana. björk."