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Gollum: A Problem On The Set?
Xoanon @ 2:08 pm EST

Grey Area writes:

Here in the UK, Channel 4 have a morning / breakfast show called RI:SE. This morning they had a brief bit on TTT, humourous in nature concerning the antics of Gollum.

There were a number of snippets of the cast and Peter Jackson talking about things Gollum alledgedly got up to.

PJ said that between takes it got close to gwetting out of hand, Gollum pinching bottoms and running amok.

Elijah Wood said that it was sad to see that Smeagol disappeared completely between takes and that Gollum took over.

Sean Austin said that " We kept an eye on him" and that he smokes like a chimney.

Liv Tyler said that it got embarressing, Gollum hitting on all the female cast and crew.

It was also mooted that there might be a thing going on between Gollum and Jennifer Lopez. I *think* it was Peter Jackson who gave a little comment on how Gollum and Ben Affleck had it out in a carpark and Gollum put Affleck on his [bum]