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MTV Ruins The Two Towers Experience
Demosthenes @ 3:03 pm EST

Demosthenes here ... I'm about to rant. And while it might not be the opinion of the entire site ... I'm still going to rant!

Some people have been 'lucky' enough to see Two Towers courtesy of MTV's Movie House. I use quotes because MTV apparently decided it would be a very cool thing to walk in on the climax of the film and begin interviewing people while the film was still running.

I don't think words begin to explain exactly how furious and frustrated some of those people are this morning. Apparently, AICN has received a minor flood of complaints about this. To give you an idea, here's an excerpt from one unfortunate viewer:

Now I guess I'm not supposed to complain because they did provide me with a free movie, but can we please talk about the sheer stupidity of having a show where the movie-goers are interrupted DURING the film to see what they think!?

OK, ok...if that's what they want their show to be about, who am I to stop them....but COME ON - how about a night-vision camera.....and if that IS what they use...how about a night-vision camera that doesn't need a big, bright freakin' light on it that shines RIGHT IN THE EYES OF THE AUDIENCE!

You can read more firsthand experiences at AICN here. Be warned in advance though, a lot of these people didn't exactly hold back. If strong languange bothers you, you might like to skip it.

I wouldn't normally call any moviegoer who saw Two Towers early unfortunate, but I'd prefer to wait (for months if I had to!) rather than be put through that sort of irritation.

It is, of course, true that MTV put on this screening. So in one sense they can do whatever they like ... and, at the end of the day, they're there to make ratings and money, not to be a charity. But aren't they just shooting themselves in the foot? Isn't this simply downright rude?

MTV obviously doesn't care for The Two Towers ... but I find it odd - and highly disappointing - that they obviously don't care about the moviegoing experience either.

I mean, it's kind of hard to enjoy a film when a camera light is doing awful things to the screen or some guy is next to you whispering questions into your ear.

What do you think? Is this one of the worst TV ideas ever, or am I off my rocker and not quite with the modern moviegoing experience? Go to our message boards and sound off here.

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