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The Spikey Wheel Is Baaaaaaaaaaack!
Xoanon @ 4:21 pm EST

Dennis sends this along

I know that there has been a lot of back and forth talk about the "Death of Saruman" on the spiked wheel thing, but as I was sifting through the 4th disc looking at the stills from the Orthanc miniature, two pictures of a EXACT replica in miniature of the spiked wheel in the picture that shows a white robed figure with a beard impaled on one of the spikes!

Xoanon here, I've gone through our archives to provide you with a little background on this story. Years ago when the films were being made a NZ newspaper crew captured this fascinating picture of what appears to be a white wizard with a LONG beard impaled by a spikey water wheel of some sort.

Click here for the picture and article in question.

TheOneRing.net was also given highly sensetive call sheets (day to day information on what, who, where, when, and how many things were being filmed on any given day) from the same day.

Click here for a scan of the exact shot being refrenced

It mentions Saruman bring impailed by the wheel and dropping the palantir into some water.

'Nuff said!