11-06-02 Latest News

Chris Lee Talks About Those Saruman Rumours
Demosthenes @ 2:55 am EST

Well, if you're soundless (like my computer has been for the last month), or simply don't have Quicktime, here's a transcript of what Chris had to say:

Interviewer: As you know, there was some concern over the proposed changes in the death of Saruman, before you left for NZ. Has that issue been resolved?

Christopher Lee: The answer to that, quite simply, is that I don't know. This subject has come up, many times. I've even been quoted as saying that I've signed a petition, which had been drawn up by a lot of people asking for changes to be made. I don't know where they got the information from as to what happens to Saruman in the Two Towers. I don't really know myself. There has been no final decision made as to how Saruman dies. That I can say.

Interviewer: Are you happy with that?

Christopher Lee: Yes because there are alternative possiblities. And the one that people think they know is the answer, is not necessarily correct. But I can't honestly say, because that lies in the hands of the director when he cuts the picture.

The end!

And what does all that mean? Certainly that - as has been speculated - multiple death scenes were filmed for Saruman.

The one that people think they know is almost certainly the infamous (notorious?) Wizard Kabob ending. In fact, some people believe that Wizard Kabob is a prank that Peter Jackson played on people attempting to spy on the production.

But is it the *one*? Even that, Chris doesn't know. He says it's "not necessarily correct". Of course, that doesn't automatically mean it's wrong and it doesn't mean it's right either. I guess we'll have to keep that in mind as we wait to find out!