9-22-02 Latest News

Star Who Really Gives a xXx
Xoanon @ 5:52 pm EST

It's not unusual for prima donnaish actors to make specific demands -- like sparkling water with the bubbles taken out when doing press interviews.

But Kiwi actor Marton Csokas, who stars opposite Vin Diesel in the blockbuster xXx, has been making completely out of the ordinary requests during his round of media Q&A.

Real life nice guy Csokas (evidently cast against type in xXx, with a role as the lead baddie) is concerned for the people suffering from the floods that have devastated parts of Europe.

In particular Csokas is concerned about Prague -- where xXx was shot. Apparently the film locations are under water and total damage is estimated at $3.5 billion to $5.25 billion.

Csokas, who also starred in Lord of the Rings, has been hoping to focus more attention on the plight of the flood victims. In a bid to spark donations to the aid organisation being set up in the Czech Republic he did a photo shoot with its website printed on his forehead (www.floods.cz).

"xXx was filmed in Prague, Czech Republic, which has since been subject to catastrophic flooding," Csokas, who is currently filming The Great Raid alongside Benjamin Bratt in Queensland, told Confidential.

"About 200,000 people have been displaced from their homes and cultural heritage, existing for centuries, has been damaged or destroyed.

"If you want to help, log on and donate at www.floods.cz".