9-11-02 Latest News

No Latin American Release Of Extended DVD(?) Update
Xoanon @ 12:40 am EST

Ivan writes: Let me tell you (in regards to this article No Extended DVD For Latin America? from September 9th, 2002), Warner is always saying they aren't sure whether releasing an extended version down here, and they make sure to get it clear on their official brazillian site, it is a marketing strategy, they want to sell the theatrical version to huge numbers. About the translation and subtitles that is BS, many films that failed in our cinemas are released in DVD and everybody knows they won't sell (sometimes they put them attached to magazines for US$5,00 like Blair Witch 2), just to tell you, they did the same thing with the Matrix, they released the Matrix Revisited more than one year behind the normal version, pretty in time when it was released internationally, I want to assure everyone that the extended version will be in stores any other way!