7-21-02 Latest News

UK News Roundup
Xoanon @ 11:12 pm EST

Tracy writes: HI! Here are some lil updates of Lord of the Rings press coverage from the UK!

In the Mags:

Check out August 02 Editions of:

Ultimate DVD: some great four pages of LOTR interviews and news on the DVD of course, and on the front cover a great look at those oh-so-gorgeous Hobbit-feet! (make sure to get Cover 1 of 2 (that's the one pictures with Elijah and Ian on the front) because the other cover is boring!)

It's on DVD: with again more great news on the future DVD and more interviews with the stars of the film!

In the Newspapers:

The Daily Mirror recently got hold of the trailer and they got some snapshots to go with...check out the scan.

On the Net:

Check out http://www.filmfour.com/lordoftherings/ they have a really cool mini-site dedicated to...u guessed it...The Lord of the Rings, with news, reviews, and an interview with Ian McKellen!