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Madman/Viggo News
Xoanon @ 2:19 pm EST

Mike sends us this info from www.comics2film.com

I don't know if this is substantial enough for you guys to report it, but i think it is interesting since i am a madman fan, and this does indicate that viggo might possibly star in a comic book movie:

Internet rumors that Viggo Mortensen has been cast as the lead role in the Madman movie are false.

Comics2Film did a quick fact check with Madman creator Mike Allred who told us that such casting would be awesome, "but we're no where near casting at this point."

Early this month Allred revealed to readers on his message boards that he and producer/director Robert Rodriguez definitely have Mortensen on their wish list. However, Rodriguez is currently busy getting Once Upon A Time in Mexico and Spy Kids 2 into theaters. Madman is expected to be his next project after that.

FYI, in case you are remotely interested, Madman is about a man of questionable background and history who died and almost went to the point of no return before being re-animated by two scientists. The process caused a permanent memory loss and the man couldn't remember his name, his life, or anything. He had become an extremely innocent, almost naive, person and wore the costume of his favourite super-hero as a sort of security blanket and for self-confidence. The ongoing story is basically his adventures trying to make a new life for himself and find out clues to his former identity with the help of Joe, his girlfriend, Mott, an alien from planet Hoople, and Dr's Flem and Boiffard, the scientists who re-animated him.