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Brasil LOTR News
Xoanon @ 2:23 pm EST

Blockbuster in Brazil has made the 2-disk DVD available for pre-order, and they now also sell a sludge of the official action figures.

Also, Telef'nica do Brasil (quite the misleading name, since they only operate in the state of São Paulo) released, in around February, a collector's set (there is 300,000 of each, and they're all numbered) of 10 movie-themed phonecards; all of which feature LOTR scenes. I have all of them, and as soon as I can get my hands on a scanner will send them in, but until then I thought it'd be nice to let other people know. The images on the cards are, in no particular order:

- A head-and-torso (I don't know the technical names...) shot of Aragorn wearing the Lothlorien cape and the Mallorn brooch, with a smaller inset of the boat scene from Lothlorien in the bottom.

- A Boromir head shot with some background I can't really make out.

- Legolas about to let loose an arrow, with Gimli and Boromir in the background, and a close up of the Middle Earth map in the bottom.

- The Pillars of the Argonath movie poster with the inscription "A Lenda Ganha Vida" (The legend comes to life, in Portuguese)

- A shot of the four hobbits in Weathertop.

- The Frodo-holding-the-ring-in-his-hand-and-looking-at-it movie poster.

- The other Frodo-holding-the-ring poster, in which he looks straight ahead.

- Arwen and her, er... battle wound from the flight to the ford, with a shot of the Black Riders about to cross the ford in the bottom.

- Gandalf with his staff in Moria, and to the right, Gandalf holding the
ring after picking it up from the fireplace at Bag End.

- The cast-shot-that-dubs-as-yet-another-movie-poster.

Most of the cards feature the good old "One Ring to rule them all" couplet written in the Tengwar running down some side, and all of them have the movie title on them. The back side of all the cards is also identical - the shot of the company's silhouettes, with Sam leading Bill that has been seen in many places before; and below it a short little teaser blurb: "O pequenho hobbit, Frodo, herda a missão de salva a Terra-média do perverso Senhor do Escuro. Para isso, ele precisa conduzir o Um Anel até a Montanha da perdição e destru'-lo para sempre," which translates into: "Little hobbit Frodo inherits the mission to save Middle-Earth from the perverse Dark Lord. For this, he needs to take the One Ring to Mount Dom and destroy it forever."