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SHOP: LOTR Film Chess Set
Calisuri @ 10:35 pm EST

Earlier we reported that this set look like it was a suitable replacement for any standard plastic piece chess set. Well, some fans wrote us to explain that the pieces in this set are in fact plastic that are painted with a pewter/bronze effect. This would explain why the set is such a bargain. Check out the description below and some images to boot. [More]

Here is the description, and some images, from the shop:

LOTR Chess SetLOTR Chess SetLOTR Chess SetLOTR Chess Set

This is a pre-order item that will ship on August 21st. This stunning Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring chess set features sculpted figures, each depicting a key character from the award-winning film in superb detail. Each piece has either a pewter or bronze effect, with heroes depicted in pewter and villains in bronze. Each piece bears a great likeness to the characters in the film and the actors that played them. The chess set piece details are as follows:
Pawn: Hero - Sam Gamgee; Villain - Orc Warrior
Rook: Hero - Boromir; Villain - Orc Overseer
Knight: Hero - Aragorn; Villain - Lurtz
Bishop: Hero - Frodo; Villain - Cave Troll
Queen: Hero - Galadriel; Villain - Ringwraith
King: Hero - Gandalf; Villain - Saruman
This magnificent chess set will look beautiful in your home, whether you're an avid chess-player or just a Lord of the Rings fan and collector. The chess board features a map of Middle-earth and measures a full 15 x 19 inches and the average height of the figures is 3 inches.

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