2-22-02 Latest News

Peter Jackson On CNN
Xoanon @ 1:29 pm EST

Chadster sends in this report from the amazing PJ interview on CNN oh-so early this morning!

Peter Jackson was interviewed on CNN this morning (around 8:45 am US Central Time) during its "American Morning" show. The interview was short, and basically covered the film's development with Miramax and New Line. He said that his crew worked for about 2 years developing the sceenplay, art direction, etc. with Miramax , but that Miramax wanted to make only 2 movies. PJ came to them with a budget of 150 million, but Miramax placed their cap at $75 million, and then suggested PJ cram everything into one movie. So PJ then went to New Line, and someone at New Line said, "Two movies? Isn't the story told in 3 books? Let's make 3 movies!" PJ was sold, and the rest will be history...

The best part of the interview was when PJ was asked if the success of this movie has opened up doors for him in Hollywood. PJ admitted it had opened many doors, but "none that I want to walk through." Pretty bold statement.

Kudos to PJ. Also surprising was that PJ was wearing a NICE SHIRT and PANTS! They looked pretty new, in fact. He was also wearing the same shoes he did during the entire filming. The interviewer teased him a little about having a $700 million dollar film and not getting new shoes. PJ responded that they were his 'good luck' shoes and that they were comfortable, but a bit smelly. I expect him to wear them to the Academy Awards.