2-04-02 Latest News

Weekend Round Up
Xoanon @ 1:35 am EST

Media Watch: Dreamwatch Magazine

Box Office: Greece

Astronomers admire 'Lord of the Rings'

Lord Of The Olympic Rings

Lee & Howe Join LOTR Fanclub

TTT Involved In Battle To Save Goldmember

Csokas's xXx Teaser Released

Media Watch: The UK Mirror

Bloom Is One Of 2002's 'Sizzling 16' - E! Online

Mouse Humbled By Hobbits

FOTR Gets Closer To Worlwide Top 10

Media Watch: SFX Magazine

Merlin Sticker Collection Features Cut Scenes

Rings Lords Over Canadian Bestseller List

Hall Of Fire Chats For February 2nd & 3rd

Korean Fellowship Poster Translated

Official Site: Conceptual Paintings

Elijah Voted Most Likely E! Sizzler To Win Oscar

Warner Poised To Purchase 'Rings TV Rights

Fellowship Beats Titanic To Argentine Record

Review Of The First Two Towers Trailer On AICN!!

Pirate Videos On The Rise

Only Funny If You Are Canadian

DVD News

Box Office: Turkey

Tolkien Comic

LOTR In The Ukraine

TTT: Karl Urban Interview

GAMING Media Watch: PC Zone Magazine

Elijah Wood reveals fave scene in Rings II

SHOP: 2002 Toy Fair News!

Cate Blanchett Card