12-20-01 Latest News

Xoanon @ 3:25 pm EST

From: Ice Hobbit

LOTR:FOTR got a lot of play in a morning segment of CNBC Squawk Box. Some discussion of the risk that AOL Time Warner took in filming all 3 movies at once. Generally a lot of positive discussion. Also intereesting was a discussion of the financing, including licensing fees.

Apparently New Zealand provided significant tax breaks to get the film located there. This was the first time I ever heard any reasoning beyond the "New Zealand is Middle Earth" party line that has been repeated endlessly in all the "making of" TV shows and interviews. Anyway, Joe Kernan, Stocks Editor, said he hasn't been to a movie in years, but was considering going as he read and loved the books as a youth. Mark "I Can't Remember His Last Name" proceeded to call him a Geek.