12-13-01 Latest News

Wellington LOTR Fan Celebration
Tehanu @ 5:39 am EST

Well, we didn't get our own cinema for December 19/20th - we were gazumped by Meridian Energy, who are a bit bigger than us. HOWEVER on the evening of the Wellington premiere, we're inviting all TORNadoes and Phoenix SF and Fantasy clubmembers to come to The Grand on Courtenay Place at 10pm. If you're reading this, you count as a TORNado, so don't hesitate.

Wellington will be humming all day - there's a procession and live music and general street partying from 4:30 onwards. The red carpet glamour stuff with the stars will begin after 6pm.

Courtenay Place will be jam-packed with people, so we thought we'd give it a few hours for the fuss to die down before meeting up at The Grand. We'll be there by 10pm (Heck, might get there earlier, who knows?) and plan to wander down to the Midcity around 11:30pm - many of us have tickets to the midnight screening there.

I hope you can join us - please drop in and make it a celebration! I'll be in an Elven cloak and/or a TORN t-shirt (striking what kind of blow for fashion, I hate to think). Norm, the Phoenix ringleader, will PROBABLY be in a white dress jacket. So if you don't know us already, come and introduce yourselves!