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Lord of the Ring Goodies In Marinela Cookies
Strider @ 7:48 am EST

From RosaNegra:

I thought to share with you these cool LoTR goodies I found today inside Marinela's cookies and candy bread, one of the most important Mexican companies. (www.marinela.com.mx)

These things are named DGD2 (don't ask me why) and are pretty popular among kids. Marinela is used to release a series of DGD2 from the kid's major movies (like Disney ones) and TV series like Pokemon or Digimon.

[ click for larger image ]

LoTR series has 30 different DGD2 (which is a pretty decent number) I can describe them as tiny freezbies. Some of them have The One Ring you can remove from the inner circle (that has a character photo). You put The One Ring in a notch from the inner circle and if you throw it, they fly like a freezbie.