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Old Farmiliar Tune In FOTR Score: Continued
Strider @ 6:03 am EST

It seems that Karen's post prompted a flood of mail, some requesting to know more, some packed-full of information. For those who are wondering what exactly the song is, just read on!

Tim F:

Hey, Strider. Tell Karen that I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that! "This is my Father's World" is the hymn, and I REALLY have to work hard NOT to think about it when I'm listening to the soundtrack...

Red Giant:

Regarding the tune Karen posted about which sounds familiar, the song is This is "My Fatherís World", based on "Terra Beata" (Blessed Earth), a traditional English melody, arranged by Franklin L. Sheppard in his Alleluia, 1915, A MIDI version will start playing when you hit this link. The very first few seconds will give it away.


The Multi-Talented Mighty Orc Hunter:

I also thought that the tune sounded a lot like that not-really very old American hymn, and due to not having to rack my brains to make the connection then found it hard to get the words out my head whenever I heard the theme. However, I guess someone should point out that Maltbie Davenport Babcock only wrote the words. He died in 1901 leaving behind a book of his poems. He never heard the hymn sung because the tune is a traditional English melody which was arranged for the hymn by Franklin Lawrence Sheppard for the Presbyterian song book he edited in 1915.

Being a traditional English melody, it is quite appropriate for Howard Shore to use it for the Hobbits' and/or the Fellowship themes (even if he did actually rip off the riff). Besides, even Sheppard's arrangement is now public domain.

So I hope that clears things up for all you folks out there...seems like a pretty interesting story! Want to discuss it some more? Well, why not wander over to TheOneRing.net's Message Boards by clicking the link below and talk about it some more with your fellow Tolkien fans!

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