Wednesday, May 23, 2001
Leave the Flying to Gandalf! - Calisuri @ 16:25 PST
[ Gandalf Airways ]

Any Italian Ringers out there? If so, we have an airline for you! Check this out:

I'm the President of Gandalf Airlines, italian regional airlines partner of Air France and listed at Italian Stock Exchange.

When I opened my company, 2 years a go, I decided to call it "Gandalf" in order to provide it the power of a wizard.

I have seen your site and your pictures and it's really strange to see that Gandalf is not just my airlines but there is an other world related to it; of course, I knew it.

My compliments for the coming movie.

Best Regards,

Wow, now that is an airline I want to fly on. Lembas and 1420 for cross country flights? Book your flight today! [More]