Friday, April 20, 2001
From Fan Art to WETA Digital? - Calisuri @ 13:20 PST
For those of you who follow Fan Art here at, we have been blessed with the work of Rich Sullivan, aka Sull ( for a few years. His depiction of Tolkien's orcs are sometimes scarily realistic. (I remember the first image he sent me. I thought it was a picture and not a 3d rendering!)

Now that we have seen a few of the orcs that will appear in the upcoming films, some fans have emailed me with queries on whether he has worked for WETA. Ever notice how Rich's Orc representations look REALLY similar to the Uruk-hai in the films?

\[ Holy Orcs! Sull hit the nail on the Head \]
take a closer look to see what I mean

If he isn't working for WETA now, maybe they should take another look! Its obvious he has a handle on the look and feel WETA and PJ came up with for the films.

And yeah, it would be cool to have a TORn fan art person move on up to the big leagues!

PS- Having problems determining which is fan art and which is from WETA? Highlight the following text to find out: LEFT - Rich Sullivan Ugluk, MIDDLE- WETA Digital Orc Swordsman, RIGHT - Rich Sullivan Orc