Friday, April 20, 2001
April 20th - Middle-earth Day! - Calisuri @ 10:27 PST
So we all know April 21st is Earth Day, but did you know that April 20th is Middle-earth day? Well, neither did I, but in Ringer fan Alec's school it is!

"Today in my school is official student council sponsered Middle Earth day. My friend and I made this day to honor J.R.R's epic books. My suggestion is to make April 20th official Middle Earth day for everyone. We are celebrating by giving everyone a new name from the books (all 500 students), playing music related to the books, and having a special reading after school. I'd like to see today become official Middle Earth day, and be celebrated by Tolkien fans throughout the world."

Declaring April 20th as an international holiday? Sounds good to me!