Tuesday, February 20, 2001
Lady Eowyn for Sale! The Flower that is. - Calisuri @ 00:23 PST
Ringer Fan Nancy B sends us this:

Lady Eowyn Rose

"Here's something interesting for anyone who loves to garden ....there is a beautiful pink and white rose available commercially named "Lady Eowyn." It is offered at www.rosemania.com. If you visit this site and see the rose, you would agree why this rose deserves such a lovely name. (However, I think I should persuade the hybridizer to name future rose hybrids "Arwen," "Galadriel," "Elanor," and, heck.."Rosie's Rose"!) I plan to plant her with my other 70-some-odd roses, and hopefully, I can hunt down somebody who still offers a mini-rose called "Frodo" which is no longer available commercially."

Check it out! [www.rosemania.com]