Thursday, May 18, 2000
Pearl Jam: Servants of Sauron? - Calisuri @ 23:20 PST

Last December, a Ringer fan sent me this email:

Pearl Jam's new cover...servants of Sauron\?

"Folks, Not sure if this one is anything that could be posted anywhere (certainly doesn't fall in the fan art category), but thought it eerily familiar...

It's actually a Hubble Space Telescope image of an "hourglass" nebula with the incredibly elegant name of 'MyCn18'; personally, I felt a chill of dread, thinking that the gaze of Sauron had finally fallen upon me!
- Brian Gilkison"

Much to my surprise, I recently discovered that Pearl Jam, that original grunge band of the 90's, has used this image as it cover of its most recent album "Binaural."

Could it be that Pearl Jam sees the same similarity to Sauron and they are trying to tell us something? Maybe they are servants of Sauron himself! Let the rumors begin! :P