Monday, March 20, 2000
Top 10 Characters You Won't be Seeing in the LotR Movies - Calisuri @ 23:54 PST
10. Legomyeggo... a good hearted elf, as long as he gets his waffles

9. Stumbler... Strider's halfwit brother who has troubles with his equilibrium

8. Crankypants... a skinny..less well-to-do innkeeper of "The Choking Monkey"... an inn down the street from Barlimans

7. Palatar... The 6th Istari, whose specialty was laundry

6. Jake... Sauron's older brother, who still gave him wedgies from time to time

5. Ralph the pony, Bills younger brother.... was ridden by Merry for a short time... but often bit, and had to be shot

4. Bruno the bouncer at The Prancing Pony... threw Frodo out for acting like a drunken fool

3. Beagol, Gollums wife... to which he owed 500 years of back hobbit support

2. Alpo Greenhill: an alcoholic hobbit... got drunk at the farewell party and beat the tar out of Samwise

and finally.. the #1 character you will not see in the LotR movies.......

1. Greg: The 10th Nazgul... had Frodo captured twice, but let him go because "He was so dang cute!"