Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Cruise to Middle-earth Update - Xoanon @ 20:21 PST

Garfeimao writes: It has been a month since the Cruise to Middle earth in November, 2008 was announced and the response has been phenomenal. I have been getting a lot of response from single travelors, some willing to travel alone and some reticent to travel alone but unsure how to find travelling companions.

Well, I've got an answer to that. I've set up a Yahoogroup specifically for people interested in the Cruise to Middle earth. Questions can be posted there and I'll do my best to answer them all. More importantaly, it's the first place you and your travelling companions will have to meet and get to know each other before embarking on this Voyage of a lifetime together. And for those who can't find a traveling companion, this is the best place to find someone willing to share your journey, and share the cost as well.

From the starting page on TORn you can go to the cruise page on my work website and find the Yahoogroup info at the bottom there. Don't let the absence of a traveling companion automatically eliminate you from considering this trip, there is plenty of Fellowship to be had. [Cruise Update] [Complete Cruise Details]