Saturday, September 01, 2007
WIN Free Tickets to KNIGHT QUEST! - Xoanon @ 12:18 PST

September 9th, 2007 - Janetville, Ontario and present The KNIGHT QUEST Contest!

KNIGHT QUEST is a one of a kind Medieval Festival & Tournament.

Win 2 tickets to participate as an audience member in the first episode of our new medieval-combat based reality TV series!

The Tournament will consist of our Masters of Horse, Lance, Bow, Sword and Shield entertaining you with a demonstration of the chivalric martial arts, and you will also get to meet the Cast of our reality series on the very first day they begin their Quest to become a Knight.

Also provided will be a Festival featuring performers and artists in a Medieval village that you may walk among and enjoy. The public is encourage to bring and wear their own medieval costumes for the day.


Simply send an email to with the subject KNIGHT QUEST. A winner will be drawn at random on Friday, September 7th.

Fine Details


DragonWorld.TV is bringing this reality series to the internet soon, and is making it available for licensing to networks around the world.
More information, including driving directions, can be found at

DragonWorld.TV, a fantasy and medieval-genre internet television channel, and its production partners Chivalry House Productions and Magik Morn, are in the final weeks of pre-production for an exciting new reality series called Knight Quest.

The show, to be filmed near Lindsay, Ontario this September, is gearing up to train a few score of competitors in the western martial arts of medieval combat.

As in the Middle Ages, you will see tournaments where chivalry and honor count, and not only strength of arms but strength of heart will win the day. See our competitors rise through the ranks as peasants learning the skills of horsemanship, as pages learning to fight with the sword, the bow and the lance, and then as squires using all their skills to face the dreaded Gauntlet. Watch the Final Four fulfilling their quest for knighthood, and engaging in the final confrontation of an all day battle for glory, for honor, and for the prize of a custom-made, authentically designed full suit of armor. Many will come to take part in this Knight Quest, but only one Champion will emerge.
Filmed in High Definition, the 13-episode series will be available online at DragonWorld.TV, and is available for licensing by networks around the world.

DragonWorld.TV is a joint venture between IPX Entertainment and After Rain Films. Visit for more information.