Monday, April 02, 2007
Sweet Ride: LOTR Themed Car Coolness - Xoanon @ 19:42 PST
King Lamoni writes: I saw the LOTR Chopper pic from the German LOTR Exhibit. I thought you might be interested in my latest LOTR project. Attached are a few of photos. I've been wanting to do this for at least 3 years. I spent two weeks getting it ready for the painting and many months planning and making sketches of it. The idea for the graphics on the car came from two of the banners I have (Arwen's banner for the tree on the hood and elvish graphic on the roof and Gondor's banner for the wing pattern on the sides.) I also have some more pictures on

On the Car Domain site I take the viewer through start to finish. Well It's not all the way finished yet. Just the paint and interior lighting. I still want to do custom rims with Anduril as the theme. And on the interior I plan on having some custom stitching added to the seats to reflect various cultures in Middle Earth. ( i.e. the gold crown on the drivers seat for aragorn, the Evenstar on the passenger seat for Arwen, an Elvish leaf broach on one of the rear seats and on the other a One Ring) I'm also looking at having a couple of ghost images of the One Ring hidden in the blue and the script from the ring hidden in the silver.

Richard H aka 'King Lamoni'

PS If any are interested in getting either hood or roof graphic I have the art work for them at Craig's Customs He does all kinds of vinyl graphics for signs and has been doing custom paint work for 28 years. The hood and roof were done as stencils that I removed after painting around them but they would also make great vinyl graphics for a car, van, SUV, or whatever floats your boat. :-)

The tree and stars were airbrushed afterwards to achieve the results I was looking for.