Tuesday, August 15, 2006
ELF 2006 Review - Xoanon @ 18:56 PST
LittleRinger writes: I would like to share my memories of ELF with other fans my age and older. I went to my first convention recently. I'm an 11 year-old LOTR fan and went to ELF with my parents (huge LOTR fans). I have grown up with LOTR around me in many ways. On Friday, I enjoyed watching music videos from fans and presentations by John Noble and Daniel Reeve. There were lots of fans in costumes, which I really enjoyed. That night we were treated to a concert by Emerald Rose. I really liked their music!

I made sure to wear my own LOTR costume the next day. Saturday began with my favorite music video of the weekend, "Middle Earth Idols" by two teenage girl filmmakers that were really nice and funny. It had some of my favorite LOTR characters singing to different songs like, "Thriller" and Disco Inferno." It was very funny. Everybody loved it! I think the music videos were my favorite things of the entire weekend! We got to see Sean Astin that day. He was very funny. It was so exciting getting my picture taken with Sam himself! The trivia contest was fun to watch and the fans did skits over the weekend, which were really funny! The guest speakers were very interesting too.

On Saturday night, a really cool costume contest and talent show were held. We saw all kinds of interesting costumes and performers. It was a lot of fun seeing LOTR fans express their love for LOTR in so many unique ways! All I could think about was I hoped the weekend would never end! I was having so much fun!

Sunday was just as exciting as the previous two days! I was so excited to be seeing Billy Boyd. He's my favorite Hobbit. We saw more funny skits and funny fan films this afternoon too. We got to see "Middle Earth Idols" again! Yeah! I loved that!! Time for Billy Boyd. He was every bit as funny and sweet as I hoped he would be. He was very nice and talked to the audience for a very long time. And, when it came time to get my picture taken with him I was very nervous, but Billy Boyd was so nice that once he started talking to me I was fine.

It was such a fun weekend and I got to meet so many nice fans. Thanks for not overlooking the younger generation of LOTR fans too. ELF was amazing and I can't wait to go to my next convention!