Monday, May 15, 2006
LOTR Fanfilm 'Born of Hope' Coming Together - Xoanon @ 19:06 PST
Kate Robinson, Director/Co Producer of 'Born of Hope' writes: I wanted to talk to you about my project Born of Hope. Born of Hope is a Lord of the Rings fan film that I think is like no other. Unlike most fan films it is not a spoof or parody, but a serious drama. A prequel to the Trilogy, it tells the story of Aragorn’s parents and the Dúnedain. Currently the project is already in development and we spent 5 days at the beginning of April shooting test footage and promotional material. I am hoping that a trailer will be up on our website within the next week or so.

Although our guestbook is already filling up with fantastic comments from all over the world, I am very keen to start really spreading the word about this project to see what interest it generates and I thought that was the best place to start.

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