Sunday, September 04, 2005
White Tree Fund Appeals for Donations for Disaster Victims - Xoanon @ 13:16 PST
Diane writes: Many Ringers are familiar with the White Tree Fund and its ongoing efforts to raise funds for tsunami relief. They have now broadened the scope of their appeal.

On August 29th, Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Northern Gulf Coast communities wreaking havoc, destruction and misery that we can barely imagine. The need for survivors is dire. Although food, water, medical aid and security are finally arriving to beleagured cities and communities, the need continues. The White Tree Fund is appealing for any aid that is possible to give. Please check on the TWTF's Hurricane Katrina page for information on how to donate via PayPal or directly to relief organizations.

However, more than money is needed. We are appealing to anyone in the cities where survivors are being relocated to please consider opening your homes to a family in need, especially those with young children or elderly people. We are currently working on more information about relocation cities, centers and organizations. As we have this information, we will post it up for you.

This disaster is on a scale not seen before in North America. Up to one million people are displaced and homeless, possibly thousands dead, and the environmental and health situations haven't even been assessed yet. If you can donate any amount, any item or time, please help.

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