Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Thomas Robins Fan Poem - Xoanon @ 21:52 PST
Bonnie writes: At The Fellowship Feast on Sunday evening during this past weekend's Fellowship Festival 2005 in Wembley, UK, Thomas Robins recited the following poem he wrote for the fans. My friends, "Indis and Elentari", and I asked if we could have a copy of it to post at the Decipher LOTR fan club and The LOTR Fan Messageboards. The next day we were thrilled to receive autographed copies of the poem that Mr. Robins had written out from his notes for us. I thought you might like to post it here as well so more people could read it.


by Thomas Robins

Let me tell you a story, I swear that is true

of my weekend of madness, and my face turning blue

no, not from the wine or the scotch or the beer

or from bad singing kiwis on the stage right up here

no, the face turning blue was from a film I was in.

I was dragged under water with a ridiculous grin

I came over here thanks to my role of young Deagol

and my tragic death by that bastard called Smeagol.

I was flown on a plane to the bright lights of London

To party with Rings Fans, they're like crazy or something!

And their costumes I tell you they will just blow your mind

Such a great bunch of people you'll just never find

Anywhere on earth, except at this lovely show,

That's the Fellowship Festival, in case you don't know.

On Tuesday I'll be off, back to my home and to sleep

Back to my little hobbits and where our dollar is cheap!

So on behalf of your guests, I think I can say

That we all had such a wonderful magnificent stay

Because we all know that without you mad lot

We'd never have it as good as we've got.

So thanks for the weekend, we all had such fun

Ring fans are crazy, and we love you all, each one!