Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Help Write Your 'Letter to PJ' - Xoanon @ 10:06 PST
Project Organisers for 'Letters to PJ' write: Greetings! We are two dedicated fans of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy who are compiling a fan appreciation book, addressed to director Peter Jackson. The book, 'Letters to PJ', is a custom made leather bound hardcover, which we plan to fill with original fan contributions from all corners of the world, in the form of e-mails, hand written letters, poems, art work and photographs. 'Letters to PJ' is a project which gives fans (like us!) a chance to express their admiration and gratitude towards those who worked so hard and long on the film trilogy.

We write to you with a sincere request. Would you consider aiding us with the task of receiving the substantial amount of fan contributions needed to complete the book. We ask this with full sincerity and seriousness. TheOneRing.net, to our understanding, is the most visited and respected Lord of the Rings related website.

We believe the exposure of 'Letters to PJ' on TheOneRing.net will enable this project to reach its full potential. Below is a letter, aimed at fans, which includes the project outline and contribution addresses. We have a website dedicated to the project: letterstopj.com

As fellow fans, would you help us out? We hope to hear from you soon!