Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Peter S. Beagle announces sequel to The Last Unicorn and The Last Unicorn audiobook! - maegwen @ 14:36 PST
Peter S. Beagle's novel THE LAST UNICORN is recognized as one of the all-time classics of fantasy, but it has never been available in an unabridged audiobook edition. This new recording, over seven hours long, features a dazzling reading by the author and original music by composer-guitarist Jeff Slingluff. It is now available to online customers in downloadable MP3 format and will soon be available in a CD edition including special art by award-winning fantasy artists Leo and Diane Dillon, an illustrated booklet/poster, and a lengthy recorded interview with Peter S. Beagle himself.

Even more exciting is the news that Peter has finally after 37 years returned to this rare world of his imagination, penning a 64-page story called TWO HEARTS that is both sequel and coda to THE LAST UNICORN.

If you have ever wondered what happened next to the unicorn and King Lir, or Schmendrick and Molly Grue, well... TWO HEARTS won't tell you! But it will tell you how things finally wound up for all of them, years later; and how a nine year-old girl named Sooz brought them together to accomplish more than she ever dreamed. The resulting tale story is as unpredictable and heartbreakingly beautiful as Peter's original.

Both THE LAST UNICORN audiobook and TWO HEARTS are being published by Conlan Press (http://www.conlanpress.com).

Please note: you cannot buy TWO HEARTS -- but you can get it for FREE by buying a copy of THE LAST UNICORN audiobook.

Only if you hurry, though. TWO HEARTS is being released in a personally-signed-and-numbered edition of just 3000 copies. More than a thousand have already been sold, and the rest are going fast. If you want to make sure to get your own copy of this landmark publication (or wish to give one as a gift). When this limited edition is sold out there will be no more. Place your order [HERE]