Thursday, March 31, 2005
Tolkien Lecture Images - Xoanon @ 19:14 PST
Tolkien Lecture Images kunga writes: I attended the Tolkien lecture at Illinois Central College in East Peoria, IL last night and had a wonderful time.

I attended the lecture with Balin, Nancy & several other Tolkien fans from around the area and even some fans from New Jersey & Iowa! The lecture was moderated by Mike Foster, professor at ICC and also a representative of the Tolkien Society. Noted Tolkien scholars, Douglas Anderson and Tom Shippey joined the lecture.

A very informative lecture about Tolkien and his works. Also a brief insight of Douglas Anderson's next publication about Tolkien was unveiled and in still in the process of writing. About 187 fans of Tolkien had attended this wonderful event. Some of which were students of Professor Foster's Tolkien class at ICC and even some of them past students. I had always thought that there weren't many fans of Tolkien in this area of Illinois, but was glad to be proven wrong.