Friday, January 21, 2005
FOTR Musical: The Parody - Xoanon @ 13:13 PST
Samantha writes: Last night I went to see a musical parody of FOTR in a small theater in North Hollywood, CA. It was just hysterical. Really, really well done, and much better than my friend and I were expecting. It has gotten rave reviews by critics and all, and, I think, every night sells out.

We are very surprised that TOR.n has not had any info on it. Someone from your site MUST see it. Please! The play needs to be supported-it's very low budget and the cast is barely getting paid. But, it has been doing so well that they are extending the dates, and may have to change venues. So far, it's held over until the 29th.

The only way we found out about it was because of a very small review in the LA Times. It's listed under the Critic's Choices. [More] []